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Sarah Alkire October 08, 2013 105 Announcements / Announcements

On October 31, 2013, the School of Nursing is ending Moodle course service(https://dev.moodle.washington.edu). The opportunity to transition our courses to an integrated,  UW IT supported learning management system (Canvas) is one of the main reasons for the decommissioning of Moodle. Some students are still accessing content in Moodle, so care is being taken to provide a graceful exit.

We have identified two main types of users; however, there may be other incidental access to the old Moodle site as well.  The main people accessing content on Moodle are students completing "Incomplete" grades and students accessing discussion boards, papers, or other content in preparation for certification.

The plan is to keep Moodle online until October 31, 2013 to give everyone the opportunity to copy or download materials they might need from courses prior to Autumn 2012. All users will need to transition their content before the decommission date to avoid losing access to content.



  • If you have students accessing the old Moodle service or if you have concerns regarding the sunsetting of the Moodle service, please contact tier@uw.edu as soon as possible.

Sarah Alkire August 01, 2013 Announcements / Announcements

What and When:

On August 1 2013, we'll remove support for the NTLMv1 authentication protocol from both the NETID domain controllers and at the domain level.

What you need to do:

If you have a service that is unable to support Kerberos or NTLMv2 authentication and uses user accounts that aren't NETID domain user accounts, then you can turn on support for NTLMv1 at your OU level as a workaround. If you do this, we strongly recommend that you begin exploring alternatives as the threat profile for NTLMv1 has greatly increased.

If your service requires NETID domain authentication and NLTMv1, we'd be happy to explore alternative solutions with you. Based on an audit over a 24 hour period, we are unaware of any such services.

More info:

At service inception in 2006, the NETID domain did not support NTLMv1 authentication. Due to customer requests, in 2007 NTLMv1 support was added after obtaining an exception to UW policies via the UW Privacy Assurance and System Security (PASS) Council. Growing pressures due to UW identity assurance initiatives and a greatly increased threat profile based on cloud-based NTLMv1 cracking tools mean it is time for NTLMv1 to be retired.

As implied above, we've audited NTLMv1 use via NETID domain user accounts for a 24 hour period and found no use of concern. So we believe this change to be of minimal impact. 

We are unable to verify the configuration in domains trusting the NETID domain, and a configuration mismatch between trusting domains and the NETID domain is the most likely source of potential issues, but default settings make the possibility of problems unlikely. If you'd like to audit your own Windows domain for NTLMv1 use, if all of your DCs are WS2008 or better, we can share a PowerShell script with you that will extract relevant events over a 24 hour period. If your DCs are at a prior OS level, it is not possible to differentiate NTLMv1 use from NTLMv2 use without doing network captures.

Another possible source of issues are non-domain joined computers running Windows XP or previous in a default configuration. In that case, the configuration settings will be incompatible. Windows XP is no longer in mainstream support from Microsoft, and extended support ends in a year, so this potential source of problem should also be limited.

More background information about the LMCompatibilityLevel setting is available at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/2006.08.securitywatch.aspx

Sarah Alkire May 16, 2013 Announcements / Announcements


  • This outage occurred 4/17/2013.
  • RealEyes Connect has been engaged since 4/19/2013 to trouble-shoot and resolve issue.
  • RealEyes worked on the problem until 5/9/2013 and turned the issue back to TIER.
  • They completed trouble shooting on 5/9/2013  and returned a working Adobe Connect instance – but there were issues in restoring service to the production state prior to the outage on 4/17/2013.

Root Cause

  • Adobe Connect requires an active, managed instance of an MS-SQL database to index the user generated content that is uploaded to the Adobe Connect Server(s).
  • The database instance provided by TIER had not been managed and became corrupt due to lack of management to the point of saturation that the database had zero bytes available.
  • The links (internally referred to as SCOIDs by Adobe) that allow access to the user generated content are stored in the database.

Current State

  • Adobe Connect servers are running with a small SQL DBMS not ready for production.
  • The servers are not being made available at this point.
  • While the user generated data is backed up, it is not accessible and therefore essentially not available for use by any user.
  • Adobe could be made available for meetings only, but the database was created with the idea of bringing up the service and is therefore not ready for production.
  • In its current state it is not available for any users for the foreseeable future.

Future State

  • Current state was reviewed by TIER Management.
  • Future Actions:
    • Contact Current Customers, School of Nursing, Foster School of Business and iSchool concerning the current state of the service.
    • Contact MediaAMP and work on a plan where the infrastructure is provided with help from TIER as necessary.
    • Contract with RealEyes Connect to install the new Adobe Connect service.
    • Engage the UW-IT DBA group concerning management of the SQL database to the product specification and current configuration with review by RealEyes Connect.
    • Develop a timeline for implementation.

Sarah Alkire April 25, 2013 Announcements / Announcements

Earlier today (4/25/13), TIER reported a SONNET network outage.  The root cause is still under investigation, but the issue has been resolved.

TIER support is in the process of contacting all users that reported the outage.  All users that are experiencing the problem will need to logout, reboot the computer and re-login to become functional on the network.

Thank you for your patience, and again our apologies for the inconvenience.

Sarah Alkire April 25, 2013 Announcements / Announcements

On 4/25/13 at approximately 6:30am, TIER recognized that there were problems accessing the SoN Network (SONNET) data profiles you have stored on our network.  The problem manifests itself by not loading your network drives, your profiles, and other network resources.

There are 2 suggestions that we characterize as workarounds:

  1. Do NOT log off if you are currently on the network.  (This prevents the problem from occurring)
  2. You may use your UW NetID and password to log into the campus network and use Outlook Web Access to access email.

Engineers were engaged and working on the issue.  There is no estimated time to resolution as of 1:00pm on 4/25/13.  We will update you as we find significant changes.

For additional questions, please email our help desk using our ticketing system tier.nursing.uw.edu.